Re: Bulk mail spaming , please help !!!

Allen Wisor ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 09:22:13 -0500

The exact same thing happened to me. I complained to the souce ISP
and it has stoped. But before it did they sent 13,000 spams in 48 hours.
all to aol users. If you contact me direct we can discuss this further.

Jorge Pocaterra wrote:
> Hi everyone
> In the last couple weeks my SMTP (Mail) server have being receiving
> thousands of mails (all with destination to AOL suscribers in alphabetical
> order) crashing the servers and spaming my service, Some people is using my
> server to send Bulk mail, it's hapening every couple days and it's drivng
> me crazy, every time it hapends it comes from a diferent server so i can't
> bock the ip address.
> Do any of you know about something that i can do to stop this?
> Is there any organization on the internet that regulates this?
> any sugestions? .........
> I will apretiate all your help
> Thanks in advance ...
> Jorge Pocaterra
> Enlared C.A.
> PS. let the force be with you ...
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