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Kevin C. Miller ( (no email) )
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 14:45:46 -0400

> We are preparing to run a dedicated 56k line to one
> of our customers. Just wondering if anyone had
> any recommendations for connecting the rest of
> their network to the router/gateway on their end.
> Do we need to apply an ip address from our Class C
> to each of their workstations? What other methods
> have you used?
> We are planning to use a Livingston 56k Office Router
> and an Adtran 56k TSU on each end.
Some (all?) of the options thrown out require a TCP/IP stack to be added to
the workstations. If they are using NetWare, I believe IntraNetWare has a
built in IPX to IP gateway, hence they wouldn't have to add IP to the

However, if they do want use a proxy server arrangement using IP, you have
to add TCP/IP to every workstation and assign every computer an IP address
from the addresses reserved by RFC 1918.

Quoting from Fulton Preston from 6/7/97:
IP numbers for internal use only are: through (Class A Network) through (16 Class B Networks) through (256 Class C Networks)

---These numbers a non-routable, ie they can be assigned by your customer,another one of your customers, customers all over the world. The hitch is,to get out to the rest of the 'net, they'll need the proxy servers aspeople have suggested. 

My favorite proxy/relay server is a collection called Sang's. They're free,use very little overhead, and the HTTP gateway has good loggingcapabilities.

Check out

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