Re: Dedicated 56k Line

cyborg ( )
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 00:53:13 -0700

There is a program out there called WINGATE. It used to be shareware and
I am not sure if it still is or not.

This program allows a bunch of Windows95 machines to access the internet
trough one account.

This might do it for them. Just stick it on one of their machine,
configure it properly and the remaining machines would access the
internet trough that machine.

---If anyone has a better solution pls. let me know.


John David M. Miller wrote:> > We are preparing to run a dedicated 56k line to one> of our customers. Just wondering if anyone had> any recommendations for connecting the rest of> their network to the router/gateway on their end.> Do we need to apply an ip address from our Class C> to each of their workstations? What other methods> have you used?> > We are planning to use a Livingston 56k Office Router> and an Adtran 56k TSU on each end.> > John David M. Miller> > SAMnet Internet Solutions / Software and More Inc.> -> Authorized Ipswitch VAR - Offering ISP Discounts> > ----------------------------------------------------------> NTISP Mailing List