Re: Using NT of FreeBSD as a Communication Server.

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 12:25:45 -0000

I am preparing my NT to act as a comm server, but using only RAS.
SteelHead's Radius client can authenticate, but that's all there is to it.
Because, as of the moment, its radius client doesn't send enough accounting
info for the other features of RadiusNT to work ( like blocking concurrent
logins ).

Btw, I will be using a 16-port Digiboard attached to the NT 4 SP3 machine.
It took me less that 15 minutes to get them running. They're great. Just
remember to set the modems to "Receive calls as a RAS server" in Control
Panel / Network / Services / Routing and Remote Access Service / Properties
/ Configure / . Also push the Network button and choose the Radius
Authentication button below.

I once tried Linux as a comm server. Somebody wrote a good Radius client
program ( named radlogin ) which you substitute to the login command when
you run either getty, agetty, or mgetty in the background. These three
programs are the ones responsible for making the modems answer when the
someone dials in. It should be similar with FreeBSD.

- Danny Sinang

> From: Marcin Pasek <>
> To: isp@FreeBSD.ORG;
> Subject: Using NT of FreeBSD as a Communication Server.
> Date: Saturday, July 12, 1997 12:43 AM
> I was wondering if anyone is doing this or if anyone tried to setup a
> communication server based on NT or FreeBSD that would work like a
> normal communication server and used radius authentication.
> Thanks
> Marcin
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