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>> Hi There,
>> Is anyone using or tried to use Netscape Enterprise server (and maybe
>> other Netscape products). What are you're experiences with it
>If you are looking for an advanced way to host multiple domains
>(, on a single IP address, Netscape is the
>current best way. NS's online host administration is incredible.
>If you are hosting multiple domains and have plenty of IP addresses to go
>around, then IIS 3.0 would be the ticket.
IIS 3.0 can do multi-hosting on a single IP with a small .ASP file. Also,
IIS/4.0 and Website Pro/2.0 will also be able to do this. Both microsoft
and O'Reilly have evals for download.

Here's some code I got from somebody regarding multi-hosting on a single IP
with IIS3.0 and ASP:

Create the following .asp code --that assumes is the main domain
and that domain1 is a sub directory under that root. Then register both
domains to point to the same IP address.

<% domainname = Request.ServerVariables ("HTTP_HOST")
If domainname = "" Or domainname = "" then
sitetitle = "domain 1"
sitepath = "/domain1/index.htm"
sitetitle = "domain2.COM"
sitepath = "default.htm"
End If %>
<frameset frameborder="no" framespacing="no" rows="100%,*">
<frame src="<%=sitepath%>" name="main">

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