RE: IIS Crashing.....

Phil Thomas ( )
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 08:42:35 -0700

We are experiencing the same problem with our dual Pentium pro 200,
at unpredictable times IIS server just stops working even though the
service is still running. Sometimes you can stop and restart the
services but a majority of the time the only solution to this is just
to report the server. How much traffic are you see through your box?

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Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 1997 7:30 AM
Subject: IIS Crashing.....

I am currently running the following configuration on my web server..
Dual Pentium 166 64 megs of RAM. Windows NT 4.0 Server.. Service Pack
3. IIS 3.0, IIS-patch, ASP, asp-patch, Frontpage97 extensions..
statistic program. Webboard from Oriely and Associates. IBT author
from stnaford testing. Enough about the config...

About a week ago the server began to "crash" at random time. I can
seem to find anything in any of the log files.. All the IIS services
stop responding. everything else seems to run fine. The Internet
Service manager fails to load. The control panel shows that the
services are still running. Clients can not connect to either the
server of the FTP server (not running gopher). Currently I am
confused. Does anyone have any idea where I might turn..


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