Re: NT Routing/Bridging (was: Windows 95 Networking....)

Kevin Seyer ( )
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 02:24:16 -0500

At 12:13 AM 7/8/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> I have several Win95 and NT boxes on an ethernet with an Ascend Pipeline
>> router to the outside world. All boxes can reach the outside. If you
>> trying to do this using NT as the router, it only works if you have 2
>> separate subnets (unlikely) as far as I know.
>My configuration is similar to the above - however, I'm trying to remove
>the pipeline from hearing local area traffic.... I've got two NIC's in an
>NT 4 box - one is hubbed with the LAN, the other with the router. I'm
>trying to get the cards to route to each other when neccessary (IP packets
>destined for out-of-LAN). So far, I can get the NT box to see both routes
>- (to the LAN & to the router) - but I can't get the LAN to see past the NT
>box. MS KB sez that for the packets to route, each NIC must be on a
>different subnet. I've done that (I think) but it doesn't appear to work.
>The NIC to the router is, on the lower quarter of a
> subnet. The NIC to the lan is - the second
>quarter. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a wiz at subnetting - all I know
>is that the first one I built for the WAN worked mysteriously....
>This basically trying to build the same type of configuration you'd have on
>a proxy server - two NIC's, one at the router, one at the LAN.
>Help, anyone?
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Are you using the new Routing and Remote Access Service Upgrade or the
"offf the shelf" NT? If the latter then you may want to download the
upgrade from Microsoft.

Sorry, have to ask these...

Have you enabled IP Forwarding(Routing) in the TCP/IP settings?
Have you set up a static route between the two ethernet cards or are you
trying to use RIP?

Hope this helps,
Kevin Seyer
Dolphin Communications Inc.
Dallas, TX