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Kent Runyan ( (no email) )
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 10:11:01 -0600

We recently got our first TCH on the ISP promotion deal USR is running. It
was easy to setup and get it going with our existing RadiusNT server. I
went through some minor configuration changes with USR tech support and
it's just been working fine ever since.

As far as the cost goes I think the TCH is a good deal if you can get the
per port price at around $300. I compared our existing hardware (PM2E and
USR Sportster modems) and they cost about $250 per port.
Our 60 port PM2 configuration takes an entire wall of shelving and the TCH
fits in about 7 inches of rack space.

The TCH has the added advantage of being able to use channelized T-1 or PRI
so you can get more flexability out of each modem in the TCH.

Kent Runyan
Konnections, Inc.
Ogden, Utah

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> What about the Total Control products? Do they work? Is it worth the
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