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Richard Fink ( )
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 19:21:18 -0700

Well, at your suggestion I went and looked at it. It's fast. It's expensive.

Not expensive like the telco can make it with a personal T1, but expensive
like too high for the mass consumer market. Either way it comes to the
same end. If the combined ISP + DirectPC monthly fees don't kill you, the
additional prices per MB will knock you over and kill you outright.

I would like to offer that combo to our customers. But I don't think it's
a sale yet...


At 10:58 6/27/97 -0700, you wrote:
>> Go with the PM3's, K56Flex will be a winner, not X2. X2 says 56k and
>puts a
>> line that it only does 53K due to the FCC. That is a cop out, the rules
>> from the FCC have been there all along, but USR promised 56K and isn't
>> delivering so it is blaming someone else......Just my feelings..
>I think you should forget both 56K technologies and smell the coffee. Your
>big competitors are coming out with ADSL and cable modems running 400K to 6
>Mb/s, and you're setting up with a schizophrenic 56K two-headed hydra? To
>get from 33.6K to 53K? Get over it!
>My suggestion would be to become a dealer for Hughes' new dual
>Internet/Digital TV 21" elliptical dish. The service is scheduled to
>include TV as well as the Internet July 15th.
>Fight back with 400K (with the return signal going through you at 33.6),
>and let the telcos stare down the throat of satellite TV, CD quality music
>and so on.
>This gives you a chance to pour bandwidth onto the city that doesn't have
>to come from your poor little T1.
>Otherwise you just wither and die, because you do not have another
>generation of bandwidth available to you. I'm not affiliated with Hughes,
>just betting on them to save my bacon and give my ISP operation a strong
>future - that allies me with TV (a strong force in our society), and keeps
>the big boys hopping.
>Check out of 56K and check into
>Best Regards;
>Dwight G. Jones
>Imagen Communications Inc.
>Information Architects tm
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