Go Satellite

Dwight G. Jones ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 10:58:11 -0700

> Go with the PM3's, K56Flex will be a winner, not X2. X2 says 56k and
puts a
> line that it only does 53K due to the FCC. That is a cop out, the rules
> from the FCC have been there all along, but USR promised 56K and isn't
> delivering so it is blaming someone else......Just my feelings..

I think you should forget both 56K technologies and smell the coffee. Your
big competitors are coming out with ADSL and cable modems running 400K to 6
Mb/s, and you're setting up with a schizophrenic 56K two-headed hydra? To
get from 33.6K to 53K? Get over it!

My suggestion would be to become a dealer for Hughes' new dual
Internet/Digital TV 21" elliptical dish. The service is scheduled to
include TV as well as the Internet July 15th.

Fight back with 400K (with the return signal going through you at 33.6),
and let the telcos stare down the throat of satellite TV, CD quality music
and so on.

This gives you a chance to pour bandwidth onto the city that doesn't have
to come from your poor little T1.

Otherwise you just wither and die, because you do not have another
generation of bandwidth available to you. I'm not affiliated with Hughes,
just betting on them to save my bacon and give my ISP operation a strong
future - that allies me with TV (a strong force in our society), and keeps
the big boys hopping.

Check out of 56K and check into http://www.direcpc.com

Best Regards;

Dwight G. Jones
Imagen Communications Inc.
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