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Matthew Hoover,

Em 27 Jun 97 as 15:12, voce escreveu:

> Since we are on the subject of IEAK - I'll ask this question. We are
> getting ready to switch software to the Microsoft Explorer Package.
> Currently we are using Tacacs to authenticate our users, which if course
> results in us having to use a simple logon script. I have noticed some
> lines in the .INS files about scripting - but when I make the distribution
> it doesn't automatically install the script nor the scripting tool. I
> guess I can't expect it to do everything, but it sure would be nice if it
> did. Anyone that may be able to help figure this out - your help would be
> greatly appreciated.

I am using IEAK version 3.2 and I use scripts too. The instalation
program installs the script and the script tool automatically.

There is, however, a little problem. Some Win95 instalations have a
buggy version of the Dial-Up Scripting Tool. When the IE installer
finds it, it doesn't installs a new Scripting Tools, resulting in
scripts not running. The only way to correct this is to install the
Dial-Up scripting Tool manualy.

Anyway, if you are generating a install for both Win95 and Win31, you
should not tell the script file names to the IEAK Wizard. It has a
little bug and if you do so, it will crash when it try to generate
the Win31 Install. I use to include the scripts directly in my .INS
files, so everything goes ok.


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