Re: Re[2]: modems upgrade

Tom Willson ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 15:51:02 -0500

USR and 3Com are now the same companies.

The only problem I have with the K56 modems is I have still yet to see a
single ISP side K56 modem. Nobody has released it yet.

While X2 is out.

Trust me I know USR all to well I had a USR 19.2 HST modem. That was fun.

Anyway we will take all this into mind.

Tom Willson

> From: Robert C. Tranter <>
> To: Adam Dillaplain <>
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> Subject: Re[2]: modems upgrade
> Date: Friday, June 27, 1997 9:26 AM
> I would strongly advise you to look at K56Fkex rather than X2. USR has
> pulled this competing standards crap before. Remember V.FC? At this
> point the only major companies supporting X2 are USR and 3COM. Just
> about everyone else is using the Rockwell/Lucent chipset.
> After the problems that I have had with USRs support and QC. I will
> never buy their products again until there are fundemental changes in
> support, interoperability and QC.
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