Re: modems upgrade

Jason Hess ( )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 20:32:25 -0500

Jeff Binkley wrote:
> -> Go with the PM3's, K56Flex will be a winner, not X2. X2 says 56k and puts a
> -> line that it only does 53K due to the FCC. That is a cop out, the rules
> -> from the FCC have been there all along, but USR promised 56K and isn't
> -> delivering so it is blaming someone else......Just my feelings..
> Assuming you are correct, they have fully DSP enabled modems. A simple
> software change could solve this. Where's the problem ?
> Jeff Binkley
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I agree that 56Flex will probably sweep this away. Well, actually I
think that when the proposed standard is met in September that it will
be a combination of both (as not to upset everybody in the
industry). Currently USR and Ascend (as well as some others) are
offering free upgrades to whatever becomes standard, so there is really
no wrong choice.
It is also true that the fastest you could EVER go on a phone line is
53,600. Why pick on USR for claiming that X2 would go 56K? Doesn't the
term Flex56 also imply that the speed will be 56K? Seems to
me that it does. It is not like Flex56 can go a true 56K and X2 cannot.
There are powers much greater then themselves governing that problem :)

Jason Hess
CIOE Corporation