RE: horsepower vs # of RAS ports

Rick Kunze ( )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 10:59:34 -0700

What CPU/clockspeed and RAM does it have? Have you run it with all 16
ports connected? Have you "looked" for strange behavior?

For instance, during these "peak period" problems, the Event Log will show
20017 entries, sometimes a couple dozen in a row. They all "appear" to say
that a person logged in. But most of them are the same person only a few
seconds apart. There is NO associated 20050 entry showing a complete
session. Nor is there a 20019 indicating a disconnect. It only shows
multiple 20017 entries. THAT is what has me wondering.


At 01:48 PM 6/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
> We are running a small RAS server with 16 ports on a Digi board connected
to a Hays rack running 28.8 modems and have no problems. This is a back up
system and runs nothing else.
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>Subject: horsepower vs # of RAS ports
>Hi ppl,
>Does anyone know what kind of horsepower (CPU/RAM) is required/recommended
>for a given number of RAS ports?
>The reason I'm asking is because I get multiple successive logon attempts
>(indicating that the modem is simply dropping the connection right after
>authentication) during my peak periods. I'm wondering if I simply don't
>have enough horsepower. I've ruled out the possibility of a bad modem or
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