Re: Port of Bind With NT4-Unknowns

Howard A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 21:04:33 -0400


Thanks Danny for taking to time to respond. I appreciate that very much.
I'll take your advice and check one of my 4 UNIX books. I'm using NT now
(haven't launched yet) after working with BSDI for a few weeks. I
attempted to install and setup BIND but reloaded NT after getting
confused with that ZONEINFO file and the BOG. I figured the graphics
offered with NT would be a good place to go to school on DNS. Dial in
test now work and find things.

I've heard that NT is not the best DNS and that BIND should be used, but
they both seem to be about the same basic stuff. What do you think? Is
this a thingy regarding ISP size or what? As far as I can tell NT is not
to be sniffed at like some folk do.

Thanks again...Howard Brooks, IamNet, Inc.

Danny Sinang wrote:

> Hi.
> People would usually recommend the book "DNS and BIND" by Paul Albitz.
> They
> say it's the authoritative book on this subject. I haven't got a copy
> yet,
> so I had to make do with my Linux book. There is a section there
> detailing
> how t set up the DNS server properly. I used to to configure my BIND
> NT.
> It didn't work at first because I didn't put
> myserver IN A ( or whatever your IP address
> is )
> in the DB.ZONEINFO file.
> But after that, it worked already. You could and should also read the
> BOG.WRI file included with BIND NT.
> - Danny Sinang
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> > From: Howard A. Brooks <>
> > To:
> > Subject: Port of Bind With NT4-Unknowns
> > Date: Wednesday, June 18, 1997 5:16 AM
> >
> > Hi Group...
> >
> > I can authenticate and log on OK. But the Port of BIND is NG. Those
> > script files have got me pulling my nice white hair out? Can anyone
> > recommend a good book, or can anyone attach some sample scripts. I
> > simply have two NT 4.0 Servers, Mail is on the second one. From my
> > third machine I can dial-in and authenticate, but Netscape only
> pulls
> > up the Web page via the numbers...not the machine name. DNS just is
> not
> > working!
> >
> > Any help or just point me in the right direction would be greatly
> > appreciated.
> >
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