iis bug

Troy T. Hall ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 01:24:37 -0700

Dear friends.... The bug that josh mentioned that hit my system.... which
ACTUALLY was an intentional break in... was caused by a jealous ISP in my
area.... He/she, changed my price on the IIS marquee from 16.95 to 106.95
and "kings county's premier"... to "NOT kings county...."

Yet he was unable to or too stupid too... touch the java scroll below it,
and the regular pricing sheet on another page. The update time/date
matched perfectly with the time/date that the IIS services halted.

I have tried to look in even viewer and see who did it, but I don't see
anything. MS has stated that this is a federal crime... How can I find out
who broke into the system and did this? JUST the IP address would help

Lemoore Computers and Internet Service