NT4 cannot see the Internet through browser

Pacific Internet ( "Pacific )
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 20:37:29 +0800

I have instaleld NT4 SP3 and all undates, The PC is a standalone Internet
server with static IP connection to a leased line.
One Ethernet card connects to my LAN.

The server functions to the Internet are perfect.
Website 1.1 no problem
SL Mail 2.4 no problem

Userve FTP no problem, can connect to my server from outside via the
Internet, PPP
connection through the hub.

But..I cannot use any WWW browser , ping command to go from the server on
the Internet.
Netscape or IE browsers cannot find the socket.
TCP/IP is set correctly. The very same settings work for my W95 server
running similar configuration. No problem at all.

What is it I am doing wrong?

On another matter I downloaded the tweakui.exe utility, because I want to
change start up parameters for auto connect without that NT screen.
But after installing the utility cannot find anything in the control panel
where i can change settings?

best regards

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