Re: NT4 cannot see the Internet through browser

Jason Hess ( )
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 08:52:22 -0400

Pacific Internet (Asia Network TPE1) wrote:
> I have instaleld NT4 SP3 and all undates, The PC is a standalone Internet
> server with static IP connection to a leased line.
> One Ethernet card connects to my LAN.
> The server functions to the Internet are perfect.
> Website 1.1 no problem
> SL Mail 2.4 no problem
> Userve FTP no problem, can connect to my server from outside via the
> Internet, PPP
> connection through the hub.
> But..I cannot use any WWW browser , ping command to go from the server on
> the Internet.
> Netscape or IE browsers cannot find the socket.
> TCP/IP is set correctly. The very same settings work for my W95 server
> running similar configuration. No problem at all.
> What is it I am doing wrong?
> On another matter I downloaded the tweakui.exe utility, because I want to
> change start up parameters for auto connect without that NT screen.
> But after installing the utility cannot find anything in the control panel
> where i can change settings?
> best regards
> Robert
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Have you tried pinging, surfing, etc. with IP addresses instead
of host names? You might have simply typed in a DNS server incorrectly.
Another great thing to try is to ping the IP address of that
machine to make sure that TCP/IP did in fact get initialized properly.
Good Luck,
Jason Hess
CIOE Corporation