Ray Mosely ( )
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 12:29:22 -0500

The boot record is neither FAT nor NTFS. The boot record is an
machine code/assembly language program that tells the system
where to look for a bootable partition.

In the case of NT, the boot record incorporates the multi-boot
program that then looks for a boot.ini file

It is the partition itself that is FAT or NTFS.

DOS fdisk /mbr replaces the boot record with a DOS boot program which
does not look for a boot.ini file.

NT does not appear to have an fdisk command, at least on my

Matthew Hoover wrote:

> I just recently read an article in NT Mag that talked about fixing the
> boot record using fdisk /mbr. If I have a NTFS formated drive, does
> the boot record stay in fat format? or does it also get moved to NTFS
> also? Anyone know?
> Matthew Hoover
> CIOE Corporation
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