Thank heavens for mirrored drives?

Steve Mills ( )
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:16:54 -0500

This morning I was awakened by my beeper telling me that one of our
machines was hosed. A drive that had shown no signs of weakness had passed
away (RIP). It turned out to be the boot drive.

After resisting the costs of setting up a RAID 1 system for some time, we
took the plunge about 6 months ago and installed 2nd drives in our primary
machines. We used the standard NT disk mirroring, since RAID 1 seems to
introduce very little overhead.

Anyway, it was a simple matter to pull the bad drive, change the ID and
termination on the other drive and reboot. We were up in less than an hour,
including diagnostics etc.

Just a push for those considering doing something similar.