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Thu, 12 Jun 1997 15:16:17 -0500

that will be afunctionality of IIS 4 as well as FTP virtual domains, but
it't in beta now, and I've heard that next month there will be a public

> From: Kevin Miller <>
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> Subject: Re: Multiple domains on a single IP
> Date: Thursday, June 12, 1997 1:47 PM
> >Under the new HTTP 1.1 Standard yes it is. I can do it on a linux
> >box with no problems, I haven't tried doing it under NT, but it should
> >be possible.
> >
> >IIS doesn't support it as far as I know.
> In addition to my previous message, you can't have different content
> IIS for the same IP based on the hostname. There was discussion on this
> topic on the inet-access list a few months back... Many found it to be
> shaky, I believe. Send mail to
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