Re: The Best NT Web Server...?

Kevin Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 14:13:01 -0400

> i'm not totally sure why we did it but we tried setting up an iis
> i guess just so we could make sure we weren't missing anything and it was
> awful. website is even better now that i have tried iis.
> maybe i am just terribly accustomed to the ease of website because we
> run it for so long but we felt totally lost in iis and couldn't even
> out how to do the most basic stuff without wasting a LOT of time.
> we are building two more web servers both on website.
I have to say that IIS is very easy yet quite powerful. After installation
(what I remember to be a painless process), it took maybe 5 minutes for me
to learn IIS, add a few virtual servers, etc...

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