MIDI & IIS 3.0

Albert Churba ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 22:10:55 -0400

Does anyone know what the proper registry entry is for enabling MIDI on an IIS 3.0 server?
I thought it was:
and then adding the value: audio/basic,mid,,<:REG_SZ

Dumb old IE 3.02 NT won't play the file but Netscape does? I tried the different HTML tags:
<embed src="Audio/dp.mid" align="baseline"
border="0" width="144" height="56" autostart="true">


IE specific: <bgsound src="Audio/dp.mid" loop="1">

Any way I slice it IE won't play the file. The error message is: File Type Not Supported.

Any suggestions, please?