Chuck Scott ( )
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 10:50:35 -0700

I have a problem that I am trying to figure out. I am an ISP offering
filtered access to our customers. We distribute IE throught the IEAK and
have it configured to point to which is where
our proxy server resides. We want to offer 2 levels of filtering, 1 for
children and the other for adults. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out a
way to accomplish this since all our customers have their browsers
configured to attach to the above port. I have another server I will be
using as the 2nd level, with the address of Is
there a way to reconfigure the client browser for the second level and then
change it back when they return to the first level? Something with a
policy editor or similar in nature??? I hope to have an answer to my boss
by this weekend. PLEASE HELP !!!!

Thanks !!!!

Chuck Scott
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