Re: Announce: Form-to-Email solution for NT systems

Gordon Burns ( )
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 08:42:48 +0100

There is another one :
Free version (

CGI WWW Form to EMail message
Unlimited carbon copies
All "programmed" using hidden field in forms
Results page
Works with any SMTP Mail server
Optionally can be used to feed commands to NTMail list server

Commercial version (50 sterling)
As above plus:
Writes output to CSV file as well as email
Verify fields
Debug mode
Allows access to all "server" generated variables (e.g. HTTP_REFERER)
CPL Applet for configuration
Counter variables (allows number of times form used to be displayed)

This is the one, (shareware and registered) that is used by
thousands of NTMail users.


At 17:59 09/06/97 -0400 Kevin Miller said....
>> For more information about MailPost, including how to get a FREE demo
>> MailPost, drop by our site at:
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>> Dan Baer -- TIPS, inc.
>> MailPost -- The Form-to-Email solution for Windows webservers
>Or you could just visit and
>get the same thing for $0.
>Note, I have no affiliation except as a happy user.
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