Announce: Form-to-Email solution for NT systems

MailPost ( (no email) )
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 16:02:50 -0400

Do you need a Form-to-Email solution that not only works, but is simple
enough for your customers to use as well?

Our newly released Form-to-Email CGI for Windows NT & Windows95 based
webservers called MailPost is a Windows 32bit CGI that works like the UNIX
cgiemail program.

MailPost allows the user to process HTML forms and email the results.
Users can format their email messages easily by using template files.
MailPost also has required fields, success and error pages, and more.

MailPost works under NT3.5x, NT4, and Windows95 based webservers that
support either Standard CGI or Win-CGI (only Win-CGI under Windows95).
Since MailPost is a server-side CGI, it works with most browsers -- not
just those just running Java or java/vb script. MailPost comes with
everything it needs to work, including an install program and an email deamon.

For more information about MailPost, including how to get a FREE demo of
MailPost, drop by our site at:

Dan Baer -- TIPS, inc.
MailPost -- The Form-to-Email solution for Windows webservers