DNS Problem

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 18:52:57 -0000

I set up the DNS server ( in NT 4 ) w/ a zone named "home". I've placed
only one host named "elijah" in this zone.

Now, I can perform "nslookup elijah.home" and everything works well.

Here is the problem:

I want is to tell the DNS server to CONSULT OTHER EXTERNAL name servers (
my ISP's ) in resolving the names of all the other internet hosts.

So far, I've set the DNS server to use a forwarder ( my ISP's name servers
), but it doesn't work. Whenever I issue "nslookup www.usr.com", it just
says server timed out in 2 ( then 4 then 8 ) seconds.

The dns cache is intact, I didn't modify it at all.

Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem ?

- Danny Sinang