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Dave Van Allen ( )
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 15:04:07 -0400

We have tons of AN Routers at customer locations; we have never had a
problem or failure. We also have ASN's, BLN's and BCN's in various
duties. From a router standpoint they're fine and fast and reliable.
There are a few areas where I am not comfortable with the bigger iron
mainly BGP when you get more complex. Simple BGP is fine, and most use
simple BGP. We use the BCN's as T-1 aggregators.

The 5000 has a few flavors. The new chassis' are built on the Centillion
backplane design. We've been very happy with the C100, and expect a
5000 here shortly. (BAY had some manufacturing difficulties with 100Mb
Ethernet cards, so I'm told.) Other hubs, switches, etc., my opinion is
that you can buy too much better. Support at Bay has always been good
for us.

Footnote: we use Cisco's too and are equally as happy with them.

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>Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with Bay Networks that they
>would like to share? We are particularly interested in the system 5000.
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