Re: local-only IPs ?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Jun 1997 23:27:25 -0700

Joseph Bridgewater wrote:
> We know (or believe) that 10.x.x.x is designated for internal-only
> non-internet routed traffic, but NT appears to have a problem in that
> no
> matter what static routing you do, M$ seems to have decided you
> actually
> want to route them as a Class A and not really as Class Cs.
> This causes problems if you want to have, for example, 10.1.1.x, 10.1.2.x,
> and 10.2.1.x be on separate LAN networks, with different computers on
> two of those.

I have setup a LOT of multi-homed NT servers with 10.x.x.x on the
and real internet on the outside without a problem. One site had five
cs as,,,, and and it all
fine. We had to static in the 10.x.0.0 routes just like you are

> The question is two fold;
> 1) are there other IPs (perhaps such as 11.x.x.x, 12.x.x.x and 13.x.x.x)
> that are designated for inter-use only? Or at least can be used without
> causing any sort of problems?

There is one class A ( and one class B designated for this.
I think there might be a class c, but I can't remember.

> 2) and does anybody know the RFC(s) where I can read about
> internal-use IPs?

I typically use a search engine to find this (like Alta Vista). There
is a place that has all the RFCs is a not format.

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