local-only IPs ?

Joseph Bridgewater ( Joseph@austintx.net )
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 00:00:29 +0700

We know (or believe) that 10.x.x.x is designated for internal-only
non-internet routed traffic, but NT appears to have a problem in that no
matter what static routing you do, M$ seems to have decided you actually
want to route them as a Class A and not really as Class Cs.

This causes problems if you want to have, for example, 10.1.1.x, 10.1.2.x,
and 10.2.1.x be on separate LAN networks, with different computers on two
of those.

Possibly that in itself isn't a problem; but there definitely seems to be a
problem with how NT treats that 10.x.x.x Class A, despite persistent static
routes to sub-net it into Class Cs.

The question is two fold;
1) are there other IPs (perhaps such as 11.x.x.x, 12.x.x.x and 13.x.x.x)
that are designated for inter-use only? Or at least can be used without
causing any sort of problems?

2) and does anybody know the RFC(s) where I can read about internal-use IPs?