IIS 3.0 reinstallation

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 10:17:55 -0400

Our primary webserver (running IIS 3.0) has become screwed up and ASP files
no longer work (and some other things need to be done too). Today, I
realized that the asp.dll file is missing. I do have it on one of the
other servers (version -- 371,744 bytes -- 12/6/96 2:58:26. Can
I just copy this file over and not cause any problems?

On another IIS note, I was planning on wiping out IIS altogether on this
same machine and just reinstall it from scratch. Our webfiles are located
on a separate partition of the hard drive, so I don't have to worry about
losing/damaging that stuff, but the NTFS permissions are varied throughout
the various directories/files on the "webdrive". If I remove IIS and
reinstall it, will the NTFS permissions for IUSR_machine need to be
completely redone? If so, is there a way to cheat, by renaming the current
IUSR_machine to IUSR_old, then after IIS is reinstalled, I can delete the
_new_ IUSR_machine and rename the IUSR_old back to IUSR_machine? The
reasoning behind this is that the NTFS permissions would still share the
same userID as the name that was renamed twice.
The webserver is one of two BDCs, in case it matters. I know that I'll
have to re-enter all of the virtually-hosted domain directory paths, etc.

BTW, how do tell what version of Active Server Pages you're using? I would
think that the version of asp.dll would be an indicator, but looking at the
following page,

It mentions versions 1.0, 1.0a, 1.0b. I looked in Control Panel /
Add/Remove Programs, and there's no version number listed next to
"Microsoft Active Server Pages."

NT 4.0 SP3 (BDC)
IIS 3.0

Thanks for any help,

Josh Hillman