Re: Problem with Win3.x customers using AOL-TCP/IP

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 10:00:04 -0400

> From: Joe Covey <>
> We are trying to get some of our Win3.x dialin customers configured to
> their AOL accounts through our local dial-up. We seem to be able to get
> them logged on to AOL through TCP/IP but never get anywhere after the
> login. Waiting with an hourglass till AOL says "GoodBye". Is this a DNS
> problem?
> Tryed Both AOL 2.5 and 3.0 for Win3.x configured for TCP/IP connection.
> Tryed Trumpet and MSIE Winsocks. Tryed with dynamic and static IP.
> Our dialup is running on a Winnt 4.0sp3 server with Livingston PM2er.

We had a customer try doing this with us, also. If I remember correctly,
also had Windows 3.1something. After fiddling around with it for 5.5 hours
(4 of which were spent on the phone with senior technical support at AOL,
no one could figure out why it wouldn't work. We tried using our ISP as
the connectivity (using an Ascend Max 4004) as well as using a friend's ISP
using all analog modems connected to a PM 2e I think. It didn't work with
them either. We were able to do everything flawlessly as far as the
regular internet was concerned, but when we tried accessing any service of
AOL's, the connection (to AOL through the ISP) eventually timed out and
"disconnected", just as you stated above, though we could still do anything
on the "regular" net. We had tried using a few different winsock.dll files
(aol, shiva's, etc.) and all of them produced identical results. We never
did figure out why it wouldn't work...

Josh Hillman