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Randy Martin ( )
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 18:42:06 -0500

At 10:51 AM 6/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>At 10:39 AM 6/3/97 -0400, Jeff Woods wrote:
>> DON'T USE -- they want $5 per user!
>Just a minor correction here. Our ISP promotion, which has already been
>posted on this list, and has been listed on our web site, offers server
>licenses of 2500 mailboxes and 250 mailing lists for $995. Multiple domain
>support, spam relay prevention, web based administration, yadayada.
>Works out to a tad bit less than $5 per.

You guys are do damn pompous I can't believe it! Aren't you listening?!?!?

All of us who bought the UNLIMITED-MAILBOX license of back when
you guys were struggling to make it as company are PISSED OFF! We feel we
are getting royally screwed over by Apparently our complaints
are falling on deaf ears. I don't know how many times I've had this same
conversation with someone from over the last few months.

When we purchased an unlimited mailbox license product, we don't expect to
have to turn around and pay exorbitant prices for an UPGRADE, especially an
upgrade that takes away some of our original functionality and gives us
very little in the way of improvements.

We are jumping ship by the droves. Don't you guys get it yet? Or are you
too busy driving the ship into the iceberg to notice what the passengers
are doing?

A very disillusioned, FORMER customer,


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