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Sorry, But your Marketing People Goofed on the
Unlimited license pricing. My company as well bought
NTmail rather than deal with this all this crap.

I hope you lose as much market share until your
one product company belly-up.

You should never fix bugs and try to pass it on as
a feature by gouging your customer into losing
their license.

I have recommended several of my customer to
move over Rockliffe or NTmail. Redefining Unlimited!!!!!!

LOYALTY is a two way street.

From: Lee Levitt <>
Subject: Re: Pricing
Date: Tuesday, June 03, 1997 8:29 AM

At 10:12 AM 6/3/97 -0500, wrote:
>And not to cause problems on the list......

Nope, no problem. I should probably mention that our promotion credits
prior purchases toward the purchase of the current version. So, if you paid
$495 for 1.9.3 or 2.0, we'll credit that (100%) toward the purchase of the
current version.


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