Re: IEAK mail bug?

Andras Tudos - Computronic, C3 ( (no email) )
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 19:14:53 +0200


I have the same problem _now_ with the IEAK 3.2 kit and I wonder if someone
has a solution handy for me.
I asked M$ and looked at the newsgroup, but found no solution yet.



At 20:00 97.05.19 -0500, you wrote:
>That problem has existed since IEAK 3.0... I saw a "fix" that someone had
>setup for it on the IEAK Newsgroup a few weeks ago... basically he had a
>small program that ran at the end of the setup. I don't know if the thread
>is still there but post a message and I'm sure someone will reply...
>> From: Eric Fagan <>
>> To:
>> Subject: IEAK mail bug?
>> Date: Monday, May 19, 1997 5:35 PM
>> Hi-
>> Is anyone using IEAK 3.2? Since upping from 3.0/3.1, IEAK has been
>> leaving "" in the Reply-To field under Mail, Options, Server,
>> Advanced in the Mail & News program after installation. The normal
>> under Mail, Options, Server, is fine -- it will read "", or
>> whatever the user had specified during setup. With the above bug,
>> someone hits "reply to", it goes to "". I've had to tech out
>> every single 95 user I have for the last two months to have them manually
>> go in & change this after setup. I've hacked/edited the INS files by
>> many times & see no reference to Reply-To. When removing the refence to
>> "domain=", there's simply a "@" left in Reply-To.
>> Has anyone else seen this?
>> Eric Fagan
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Andras Tudos
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