Re: FrontPage Extensions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 30 May 1997 01:04:09 -0700

Eric Fagan wrote:
> I've seen the same trouble at MS myself for the last few days, although
> they seem to be up at the moment. As for the getting the latest
> extensions, simply re-apply your service pack 3. SP3 installs:

Actually, last Friday, NWNet (MS' main carrier) change them over to
BGP4. We have a big pipe going into NWNET (only four hops to Microsoft
and its FAST!) and they had several routes messed up for a while.
Everything seems to be calming down now.

> Active Server Pages 1.0b, Index Server 1.1, NetShow Server 1.0, FrontPage
> 97 Extensions, & Crystal Reports (for web usage reports).

Hmmm. What version of CR is this? I did a support call today about the
tabctl 5.0 thing, and the only thing he knew he installed was SP3.

> SP3 also installs a bunch of other stuff (such as DirectX). For more
> info,
> see .

Does it, by any chance, fix the disk space issue with DFS? Besides
that and you can't set permissions on a DFS share, I couldn't live
without DFS. I don't see any mention to this.

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