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Thu, 29 May 1997 23:41:12 -0500

Well I will throw in my .02

To put it simply sux...especially for large scale companies.

We started with a long long time ago and have recently dumped
them for their lack of concern on certain security issues and their
disregard for the people that got them to where they are now. I want =
you with the detail of the above.

This month we switched to NTMail and I must say that it is the BEST mail
server for NT that I have seen yet. For $1500 you can have an unlimited
license for everything, unlimited users, unlimited domains, unlimited
mailing lists. I think I saw one mention to this thread already about =
it is the only mail server that does REAL multi-domains... i.e. the mail
server gets another IP address and name and everything and nobody can =
tell it is a virtual mail server. As an admin the global mail list was a
much needed feature not found in I have talked to the people
at NTMail and I can tell you that these people care about their =
The development plans sounds very good.....especially if you use database to authenticate your users as well as their =
accounts, now that's scaling. Also, I hear in the next version out the
registry comes the user list....hats off their too.

As this thread started looking for the best mail server for NT...I would
have to say that with NTMail you get the MOST bang for you buck.

my .02

On Thu, 29 May 1997 08:47:57 -0000, Petar Nikolich so eloquently wrote:

>This is turning into a bit of a shit fight and I'm not really interested=
>a "mines bigger than yours" discussion, Dale.
>You've got a bigger one than me, Dale. You win.
>> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
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>> Subject: Re: Good Mail Server for NT?
>> Date: Thursday, 29 May 1997 2:15
>> Petar Nikolich wrote:
>> >=20
>> > At least with PO you don't have to pay for the number of domains in =
>> > like in NTmail (or maybe I can't understand their price list???)
>> At $1250 for unlimited users, lists, and domains, I really doubt you
>> are paying much. How much would the comprable Post.Office license
>> be? =20
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