CC Customer

Mark A. Knight ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 17:23:40 -0000


Please take pity on me for being lazy and asking such a
simple question. I just added my first REAL credit card
customer today!

I set up the customer, added the PPP service, went to
billing and selected cc & auto bill and put the account
info in. I notice at the top of the screen the Create,
Start, Paid Thru, and Las Rec dates are all 7/7/1997.
Expire date is 8/6/97 with an extend and limit of 0.
Current balance is $0.

I went to create a credit card invoice and nothing happens.
I want to pre-bill a months service in advance. It looks
like this fellow got a month free. What did I do wrong and
how do I fix it?

MANY thanks in advance.

(by the way I am using Emerald Client 2.1.8 & Admin 2.1.0
with ICVerify)