Re: Need help with unix passwd file

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 02 Jul 1997 11:14:52 -0700

Kurt Schafer wrote:
> I need to import passwords from my existing Unix master.passwd file into
> our up and coming Emerald database.
> Anybody who could shed some light on the steps needed to make this work
> would be greatly appreciated.

There is no way to automatically add the users. BUT, if the users are
already in Emerald, copy your passwd file into your c:\radius directory
(or wherever you specified your data directory). In Emerald, set all
the user's passwords to "UNIX", without the quotes. This will signal
RadiusNT to authenticate the users from the passwd file.

The password replace option changed from 1.16.60 to 2.2. For RadiusNT
2.2, if you set the password replace option on, when RadiusNT comes
upon the user and they have either UNIX, WINNT, WINNT\*, or ANY as their
password, it will replace it with the password it received from
the NAS as long as the password check was good and the authentication
method was PAP.

This is not an immediate import procedure. Its a slow trickle of
the passwords over for those users who login atleast one time. I don't
see the notes on what the option was for 1.16.60. If you want to use
the password replace, send email directly to me and I'll talk to you
about it.

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