A few problems

Tue, 01 Jul 1997 13:11:59 -0400

I haven't kept up with this list as well as I would have liked, so please
forgive any questions that may have already been covered as of late. So,
with that said, here ya go.

1.) I was forced to upgrade Post.Office from version 3. Since doing this,
I no longer get my e-mail address made automatically from emerald even
though it appears that it sends it. I am using Emerald version 2.1.8 Any
help here would be greatly appreciated.

2.) If SoftDeposit happens to make a bogus sd2.dat file (that is it did
not format it properly and emerald wont import it now.) how can I make it
recreate so that I can import it into Emerald without having to rebill
everyone again? Or how can I update the accounts without having to
manually pay each one?

3.) Is anyone using a sign-up server with emerald? Something that will
automatically update the emerald database so that new subscribers can get
online immediately? If so, where can I find it?

Thanks in advance,

Jason Sword