Re: Billing STILL is confusing

Pat Augustine ( )
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 13:41:20 -0400

>This is BAD, Dale. When we host corporate web sites, many want to be
>billed this way. If I do as you suggest, I have to mark the invoices as
>"paid" before I even mail the invoice out, much less get a check -- and
>they have net 15 to pay the bill. Thus, I need to invoice these customers
>40 days prior to expiration, andI can't do that if they are set to Renewal,
>because then my CREDIT CARD customers get invoiced 40 days prior to
>expiration, too, and they throw fits (and billing more than 3 days prior to
>the start of service is illegal, anyway).

If you set the credit cards to Autobill they will NOT get generated when
you create Renewals on the Batch Tabe. Only the invoice customers will, and
you can do that whenever you want, without affecting the credit card

Then, when you want to do credit cards, go to the batch tab, select credit
card and hit create. Since you don't batch, they will at that point have
charges created that you can print out on invoices, exactly as if they were
Renewal customers. You can hand process them, or whatever you are doing,
but it accomplishes what you are asking.

So, you set the date 40 days in advance for Renewals, hit create. Then you
set the date 3 days in advance for Credit Cards (under type), hit create.
Invoiced people have bills 40 days in advance, credit cards 3.

I hope this helps, as it's pretty much what I'm doing (though I do do the
batch) and it's not really hard to do or understand once you've done it.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America