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Hi Mark,

while 1. + 2. should work fine, your optin 3. DOES NOT produce a backup
that is of any value!!!!

The best way is to dump the database (as you suggested in 1.) to a tape
or to disk. Here's how I do my manual backup if I have to (automatic
backup and check is done every night with SQL EXEC)

; truncate the transaction log

dump transaction Emerald with truncate_only

; dump database to file IMMEDIATELY (modify UNC according
; to your needs, remember that SQL must not be running as
; system user for this dump to work to another machine's drives)

dump database Emerald to disk = '\\sangpdc\temp\emerald9706100.dat' with
init, stats=5

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>There are few options I know about:
>1) Put a tape drive in the SQL server and use the Back-Up function in SQL.
>2) Use a third party software like BackupEXEC with the SQL module. This
>solution will run about $1,100.00. Ouch!
>3) Use a batch file (or .cmd) to stop the service, backup the .DAT file, and
>then restart the service. I do something similar with Exchange Server once a
>week to back-up the total structure.
>Hope this helps.
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>Hello everyone,
>I have a question that is probably basic SQL, but, I don't know the answer so
>I'm asking! I do daily backups of my servers, but, important files, like
>EMERALD.DAT are always skipped because they are open/in use.
>How does one go about backing up the Emerald database on a regular basis? I
>recently got bit by not having a good backup and I don't EVER want that to
>happen again!
>Thanks in advance.
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