SQL/Emerald question - Database Size requirements - Memory requirements?

Mike Miller ( michael@abraxis.com )
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 12:48:00 -0400

Hello all,

Last week I set up Emerald on our actual dial up servers. We have
previously been testing Emerald internally. On Sunday afternoon I
realized that sometime early Saturday morning Emerald stopped logging
calls. I checked radius and found that I was receiving an SQL error
message saying that one of the tables in the database was full. I
checked it out in SQL Enterprise manager, and sure enough the database
was in fact full. When I set up Emerald I used a database size of 250MB
figuring it would be more than enough. I expanded the database size to
500MB and truncated the logs in the SQL manager and have Emerald back
online, however am curious as to why the database filled an entire 250MB
in approx. one weeks time. We handle about 3000 log-in/outs per day.
Should the database have reached this level so rapidly? What is the
recommended size for this amount of traffic?

Secondly, what are the memory requirements for running Emerald? Our
test machine for Emerald is a Pentium 133 running NT 4.0, SQL Server
6.5, Emerald, and Radius. At the moment we are only using 24MB RAM on
the server for testing, and Emerald is running *extremely* slow. It
takes as much as ten minutes to pull up a users Time-On history with
only a single Emerald Client connected.

Last of all I noticed a post about distinguishing between incoming and
outgoing calls and would like to make mention that such a feature would
be of benefit to us as well.

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