Jeff Presley ( (no email) )
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 13:27:09 -0800

On 6 Jun 97 at 11:22, Warren Kipp wrote:

> Hello,
> I have just installed a new SQL server. I wish to now transfer all the
> necessary emerald database files from my older (working) SQL server to the
> new one. In my SQL Enterprise manager I can see both servers, and I'm
> wondering is therer an easy way to do this?
> Any light on this matter would be appreciated.

One solution would be to use the bcp.exe program that comes with SQL Server.
BCP stands for Bulk Copy Program. It's beyond the scope of this list to fully
document it, but the SQL docs and some references on Microsoft's web site
should be enough to help. Essentially the output are two files the data dump
and the schema.

The command line parameters are write out and read in basically. Again, please
don't use this short note as the only docs to perform this function but take a
look at the Microsoft docs as well. :-)

> PS. We are moving the SQL server to its own box to spread the network load.

Good idea! Please let the list know how the transfer worked, I'm sure there
are others who would be interested in the procedure and the performance