Re: ntmail.dll

David Kerr ( (no email) )
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 10:53:34 -0500

Ok, i have corrected my error with connecting to the db (UserName
problem)<duh>, ntmail dll loads now.

All the log files (ntmail and the ntmail dll registry log) show everything
starting ok but nothing will authenticate.

I ran the query of Select * from externalsystems but nothing was returned.

Do i need to configure an external system in the Emerald Administrator?
If so what should i use for values?

A piece of the ntmail log file says this after trying to use a pop client.

+OK POP3 server ready
AUTH twinkie <-------hrmmm what the,,,
-ERR Unknown command
USER sharon
-ERR User unknown

A piece of the emer dll log says this

DLLMain ODBC Connected

VerifyUser Result: 2


> > I installed the ntmail dll per your text file but i didn't know what to
> > with the registry setting of
> >
> > It refers to the External System ID for Emerald Administrator 2.2, i'm
> > runing 2.1 of administrator and 2.18 of the client.
> >
> Open up isql_w (or SQEM) and execute the query:
> Select * From ExternalSystems
> and it will show you the ExternalSystemID (ESID) for
> your NTMail ES. That number is what you need to put
> into the registry.
> If you can't attach to the DB, you might have a problem
> with the other registry settings, though. Define a logfile
> entry in the registry and see what the logfile contents are
> when you try to start one of the services (like POP or SMTP).
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