Emerald Admin/Rates

Doug Burr ( doug@delta.com )
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 12:09:31 -0400

I'm a tad confused as to the function of the Rates tab in the Emerald
Administration. As I understand it, in the Service Types tab, the price of
the service is established and the Rates tab can be used to charge on an
hourly basis.

Say I have a Service Type called '20Hr Plus' and a rate type called 20
Hours. This Service Type allows the users 20 hours online for say $9.95
plus has an added charge of $1.25 per hour for over 20 hours. I put the
$9.95 in the Cost field in Service types for '20hr Plus'.

Is it correct to put $0.00 for Regular Cost and $1.25 for Over Charge with
the Hours set to 20 and set Allow Overtime to On?

Also, please define the function of the Charge Primary check box.

Thank you.

// Doug Burr doug@delta.com
// Director of Online Services deltaComm Internet