Re: ST field

David Khoury ( )
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 17:45:26 +1000

>> OH ... before I forget!!! A quick suggestion for Emerald 2.2 . Could you
>> extend the State field in the MasterAccounts table to at least 3
>> characters?? The abbreviated state names here in Australia are usually 3
>> characters long. It's really annoying to have to be limited to 2 characters.
>You need to change the length of the field in your databse BEFORE you
>create the database. I can update the client to allow it.

I was actually thinking of just creating a new table, copying over
existing data, deleting the old table, renaming the new one. I've never
done it before, but it dosen't seem too difficult.

If you could make the changes at the client side, it would be very much

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