Re: Support and Passwords

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 May 1997 12:36:04 -0700

Chris wrote:
> We purchased Emerald and Post.Office on Tuesday. I was told that the
> documentation for Emerald was on the ftp site and I could simply log
> on and download it, when I try to log on to the ftp site I get a
> message that user anonymous can not log on, so obviously there is a
> user name and password required. I sent a request to tech support on
> Wednesday morning at 4:00 AM and have still not received any response
> back. We are using Post.Office 3.1 so we probably need the new
> version of Emerald to get going. Is there a tech support phone
> number? I really need to get this thing working ASAP we have gotten
> several hundred customers due to a competitor going out of business
> and we need to bill them etc.

The documentation is available at:

It covers the client up to version 2.1. Anonymous login to the
ftp site is allowed. Some people have reported intemitten login
problems (too many users) on the ftp site, but other than that
you should not have any other problems.

I am putting a final beta of Emerald 2.2 (to include the Consolidation
fix) together and it should be available Friday to all those people who
requested to test the Post.Office 3.x creation. If there are no
from that, a general release will shortly follow.

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