Support and Passwords

Chris ( )
Thu, 29 May 1997 05:32:25 -0400

We purchased Emerald and Post.Office on Tuesday. I was told that the =
documentation for Emerald was on the ftp site and I could simply log on =
and download it, when I try to log on to the ftp site I get a message =
that user anonymous can not log on, so obviously there is a user name =
and password required. I sent a request to tech support on Wednesday =
morning at 4:00 AM and have still not received any response back. We =
are using Post.Office 3.1 so we probably need the new version of Emerald =
to get going. Is there a tech support phone number? I really need to =
get this thing working ASAP we have gotten several hundred customers due =
to a competitor going out of business and we need to bill them etc.

Chris Carey