Re: SQL Question

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 May 1997 00:00:49 -0700 ()

On Tue, 27 May 1997 (Greg Lowthian) wrote:

> I am setting up Emerald and RadiusNT. I have an two extra P5's with 64Meg
> should I use one for the SQL server or set it up on another server that's
> doing other things. I have no other use for SQL at this time but expect to

SQL Server can co-exist with many things comfortably. The main thing is
memory and a good disk sub-system. If you plan to grow SQL Server, I
would DEFINATELY recommend putting it on its own box (A non DC) and
using the priority boost with ATLEAST 64 megs of memory (SQL Server
configured to use 40mb of).

> in the future. Can I run RadiusNT on this server, or better yet should I.

Yes you can, although I typically don't recommend it. There isn't really
a good reason why not, just that I don't like to put things on the SQL
Server (if something bombs the SQL Server box, its like having a heart
attack: not much else is going to function).

> The Emerald client will be run from across a private T1 in another office.

This is fine. While developing Emerald, our administrative office was
over a 64kb deidicated circuit, in which about 4-8 people used Emerald.
It worked very well. Now on Switch 100mb, its working very well (not
much different for much things).

> Do I have to have Emerald installed in my office to run RadiusNT.

No. RadiusNT and Emerald are mutually exclusive and do not require each